Samsung Galaxy 7 Fires UK Recall Advice

Samsung Mobile has officially recalled all Galaxy Note 7’s in response to over 100 reported cases of battery fires. Samsung’s advice to all UK customers of these smartphones is as follows:

“We now ask that you power down your device and return to using your previous phone. We will voluntarily replace your Galaxy Note 7 device with a new one”  Samsung Mobile

Samsung Galaxy 7 Fires UK Recall Advice
Samsung Galaxy 7 Fires UK Recall Advice

So how did these fires happen in the phones?

Smartphones nowadays use lithium-ion batteries for their power, and the liquid housed within these are highly flammable. If the battery short-circuits, it’ll then heat up the flammable liquid electrolytes at the spot of damage inside the phone – the faster the liquid heats up, the more chance the battery will explode into flames.

This has happened to other brands of smartphones before, but in this particular case of the Samsung Galaxy 7 fires it’s believed that, during manufacturing, they’ve squeezed their batteries harder than they should have done, albeit accidentally. By doing this, the pressured plates contained within the batteries brought the positive and negatives poles into contact which is where the excessive heat derives from.

Samsung Galaxy 7 Fires Theory

CNET reported, with MIT Chemistry Professor Don Sadoway, that the Samsung Galaxy 7 fires would happen towards the end of the charge and a theory is that the phones may not be able to tell when it was fully charged, therefore causing overheating and the fires. Don Sadoway has taken an educated guess that holding off the charge of these phones to 60% or less, so they’re below the threshold where overheating happens, would reduce the potential fire risk.

Samsung hasn’t responded on this particular theory, but all we know is that it will take some time to investigate and we stress that if you own one of these devices: power off and return it to your local store, where you originally purchased from, at your earliest convenience.

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