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BT Redcare Closure: What is The Impact on Monitored Alarm Systems?

The Countdown to 2025

In a surprising move, BT’s Redcare division, a provider of monitored alarm signalling systems in the UK, has communicated its decision to cease operations on August 1, 2025. The service, which facilitates the monitoring of fire, security, and more over a secure network, has served both homes and businesses. Customers received an “Important Notice” through first-class post and email, informing them of the impending closure and providing crucial details about the transition process.

Closure Announcement

BT acknowledged the difficulty of the decision, stating that they have chosen to close all BT Redcare operations on August 1, 2025, or earlier if contractual obligations dictate. The company expressed awareness that this news may not be well-received and emphasised the intention to provide as much notice as possible. Despite the inconvenience, BT is allowing new orders until February 29, 2024, under the condition that services will not extend beyond the closure date. This decision aims to assist customers, especially those nearing the end of their contracts, in transitioning to alternative services.

Transition Challenges

The closure announcement poses challenges for customers, as switching to a different service may not be a simple or cost-effective process for some. The monitored alarm signalling systems offered by BT Redcare play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of homes and businesses, making a smooth transition paramount. Customers are urged to explore alternatives promptly

Support Measures

To alleviate the impact on existing customers, BT is waiving early termination charges from March 1, 2024, for orders placed before February 1, 2024, where Redcare services are already being provided. This gesture aims to provide financial relief to customers affected by the closure and demonstrates BT’s commitment to facilitating a seamless transition.

Contradictory Statement

Interestingly, the closure announcement comes shortly after Redcare’s Product Manager, Andrew Deeming, spoke optimistically about the division’s future. Deeming had mentioned the clear roadmap for product development, indicating plans to expand the product range over the next few years. The sudden decision to close the division suggests a shift in priorities or unforeseen challenges that contradict the earlier positive outlook.

Contradictory Statement

The closure of BT’s Redcare division leaves customers with the task of finding suitable alternatives for their monitored alarm signalling systems. To facilitate a seamless transition for customers following the closure of BT’s Redcare division, we are committed to providing comprehensive assistance through a diverse array of alternative solutions. Our dedicated support team is poised to guide customers through the entire process, offering personalised consultations to understand their specific requirements and preferences. By presenting a range of options, informative resources, and tailored packages, we aim to empower our customers with the flexibility to choose an alternative that aligns perfectly with their safety and security needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient switch.

A Statement From Bradley Williams, CEO

“I want to assure our valued customers that while the majority of our clientele does not utilise Redcare, we are aware that a number of them do rely on this service. In light of BT’s decision to close Redcare operations, we recognise the potential impact on our customers and are proactively reaching out to offer dedicated support during this transition. This extends not only to our existing customers but also to those who may have Redcare systems previously installed by other providers. Our team is ready to assist in navigating this switch-off, providing guidance, alternative solutions, and seamless support to ensure the continued safety and security of all our clients.”

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