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In Dorset, we’re fortunate enough to have a pro-active Police force with both their Safer Neighbourhood Teams and their online hub full of helpful home security advice called Protect Your Home. So inspired by their latest campaign #WhosLockedUp we’ve compiled a list of home security tips to follow this winter, ensuring your home is best protected from the heightened risk of burglary around Christmas time.

“As the holiday season approaches, households typically have an increased number of valuable items in their properties in the form of presents and are more regularly unoccupied as people visit family and friends in the lead-up to the Christmas period”  Detective Inspector Neil Wright at Dorset Police

Dorset Police Winter 2016 Home Security Tips
Dorset Police Winter 2016 Home Security Tips

Home Security AdviceIn partnership with Dorset Police Crime Prevention

We’re with Dorset Police this winter in their latest campaign #WhosLockedUp to help reduce the number of household burglaries. With every new Burglar Alarm System we install, a thorough risk assessment takes place to ensure all precautions have been made to ensure the best protection possible for the home. That being said, spending 10 minutes completing the Dorset Police Home Security Assessment will help identify vulnerabilities around your home.

Better Protected Together

Make contact with your neighbours and get them involved in Home Security Assessment too. Always let them know if you’re away visiting family or friends for a while.

Always Be Vigilant

Now we’re not saying you should be on watch on the regular, but keep a look out every so often and be vigilant with those you don’t recognise that are close to home.

Disciplined Home Checks

Be disciplined everyday when doing home checks before the house is left unoccupied and before the family’s asleep. Every room, door, and window. Every time.

Look Occupied

Take simple steps to make your home look occupied if you’re travelling away over the Christmas period. Install light timer switches and have neighbours park on your drive.

Don’t Be A Target

Burglaries are either opportunist or pre-planned, and in both cases, it’s usually targeted from a quick scan of the property. Make it look as difficult as possible.

When it comes to home security, there’s no better deterrent from both pre-planned crime and opportunist burglars than a bright shining Burglar Alarm System on the front of your property. With one of these installed and the Dorset Police Home Security Assessment completed you can rest assured your home is protected and your family safe this winter.

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