Fire Safety in Schools

During the Summer break, it is a perfect time for schools and other academic settings to make sure that they have all the fire protection and equipment they need to stay safe.

Fire breakouts in educational settings can cause devastating impacts, which is why it is vital that all educational facilities are supplied and fitted with fire prevention, protection, and detection equipment. At Unique we can offer the latest, highest quality equipment along with years of knowledge and experience in installation.

The following installations are recommended for all school and academic facilities.

Fire Safety in Schools

Fire Extinguisher Installation

Fire extinguishers are one of the first steps in tackling the outbreak of a fire. Having the right extinguishers in the right places can be vital in stopping further spread. We reccomend that all educational facilities have both of the following installed.

MultiCHEM Fire Extinguisher

  • ABF-Rated
  • Capable of tackling sizable fires
  • Most effective in classrooms / science labs / canteen

CO2 Fire Extinguisher

  • Suitable for tackling electrical fires
  • Most effective in IT / server room

Protecting Fire Extinguishers

If you have a fire extinguisher installed, it is just as important that they are protected. Having protection massively decreases the risk of any potential damage, misuse, and vandalism that can deem the unit unusable in the case of a fire.

All the protective cases we provide are easily accessible in the scenario of a fire and can have additional commander contact alarms fitted. Alerting you if one has been accessed or opened.

Fire safety sign

Fire safety signs in educational facilities provide people with clear instructions on where to go and what to do in an emergency. They highlight assembly points and direct people to the nearest exit. Having signs pointing to the nearest exit can reduce the risk of congestion in a scenario where people need to evacuate a building.

It is essential that schools carry out fire drills and educate all students and staff on where to go and what to do in an emergency. Knowledge on all the signs is also necessary.

Fire Detector

Detecting a fire before it has broken out can save many lives and thousands of pounds worth of property damage. Having fire detectors installed throughout your building will detect and alert you to a fire beginning to break out. Meaning action can be taken to further stop the spread. We can supply, install, and work out the best areas for your detector installations.

Annual Service & Maintenance

Having an annual service and maintenance on all your fire & security devices, is vital. Ensuring that all your devices are working and compliant with UK regulations can save many lives in the case of a fire breakout.

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