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Unique install Thermal Imaging Cameras for Boots Opticians

New Thermal Imaging Cameras for Boots Opticians

Boots, the health and beauty retailer and pharmacy chain with over 3000 stores worldwide, approached Unique Fire & Security with an urgent requirement to implement thermal imaging camera systems within their Optician Practices in Dorset. 

Our specialist CCTV technicians worked fast and collaboratively with the Boots Opticians team, visiting four local practices across Dorset located in Wimborne, Weymouth, Wallisdown and New Milton and have since installed temperature screening cameras in order to detect raised body temperatures in the general public who may enter.

In its first week of activity, the cameras screened 3 people for abnormal temperature across New Milton and Wallisdown. They were advised to call 111 as they registered 38 degrees temperature, potentially screening out 3 people with the virus from visiting the practices.

Client Success Story – Protecting The Public

Zabir Ali, Franchise Partner at Boots Opticians, contacted Unique Fire & Security at the beginning of June, knowing he had a responsibility to protect both his staff and customers. Zabir heard about Unique’s Temperature Screening Solutions and knew it was the perfect product to open his practices in the safest way.

Unique visited the different practices and were able to implement the solutions fast and effectively. With the Weymouth practice, we upgraded their whole system to a new IP system at the same time, which the team turned around within 24 hours.

The Fever Screening Installation Process

After the initial contact was made, our team attended the various sites to assess the cameras and system that Boots already had in place, and then used our temperature screening expertise to sync those up with our thermal imaging solution. Upon completion of the installation all staff who would be using the system were provided with full comprehensive training to ensure they were comfortable using the system, which is then ready to be used straight away.

“The two Engineers, Jordan & Garry arrived promptly yesterday morning, and did a phenomenal job, installing our CCTV cameras. Minimal noise, no mess and full training on how the system works.I really was very impressed.”

During this difficult time and situation for businesses, temperature screening systems (that use new AI thermal imaging camera technology) are the only solution to enable you to mitigate risk of coronavirus spread and reassure your employees that you can operate safely. There are a number of ways that you can integrate this system for your business, but across the board, the main benefits to installing thermal imaging systems for your business are:

  • Allows security officers to scan large numbers of people as they walk by
  • Displays and detects critical body temperature elevations in real time.
  • Alerts authorities when identified individuals with raised temperatures.
  • Protects workforce health by screening for fevers caused by viruses.

Main installations of Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal cameras are vital to a wide variety of environments where there is a regular stream of people coming in and out of entrances and exits that may be difficult to slow for screening, for example: 

If your business organisation is based in Dorset or Hampshire, and are in need of implementing Thermal Imaging Cameras or an Access Control system, contact us to see how we can support you through the COVID-19 crisis and make sure your organization can safely support employees and visitors who might be at risk.