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Safely open your education facility with new temperature screening camera technology

87.9% of coronavirus patients record high temperature (fever)

COVID-19 Situation

Is your education facility looking for ways to reopen safely?

Schools, colleges and universities are among the highest spreading areas of coronavirus do to constant contact and carrying the disease back into homes. According to the NHS, the main symptoms of coronavirus are a high temperature and a new, continuous cough. The problem with high temperatures (or fevers as they are known medically) is that they will often go unnoticed by the individual as the symptom won’t present as typical ‘cold or flu-like’ symptoms.

Temperature Screening

Effective solutions to protect your students from COVID-19

The safety of your school or university premises and its students is of top priority for us here at Unique being partners with many education facilities across Dorset and Hampshire. Primarily, we understand the health and educative risk that COVID-19 poses to schools and universities if the spread affects your students. Let us help reopen Dorset schools safely.

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During this difficult time and situation for schools and universities, we see temperature screening systems (that uses new AI thermal imaging camera technology) as the only solution to enable you to mitigate risk of coronavirus spread and reassure your students that you can operate safely. There are a number of ways that you can integrate this system for your education facility, but across the board, the main benefits to installing thermal imaging systems for your Dorset or Hampshire based school are:

  • Allows management to scan large numbers of students as they walk in
  • Displays and detects critical body temperature elevations in real time.
  • Alerts authorities when identified students with raised temperatures.
  • Protects whole school health by screening for fevers caused by viruses.

Installing this system will enable your school or university to reopen safely, sooner.

How will temperature screening work in your school?

There are a number of temperature screening systems we can install in your school, college or university across Dorset and Hampshire here at Unique. The most effective is a simple thermal imaging camera with the new COVID-19 technology that ‘screens’ students and alerts management staff if there is a high body temperature recorded (specific to the head) so they can safely deal with the person.

  • Less than 1 second to detect skin-surface temperature.
    Minimal queuing by your workforce or visitors waiting to get into your premises which reduces the staff costs and safety of managing queues with no contact.
  • Simultaneous multi-person detection within crowds.
    With its impressive detection speed, there is no need to create single file lines for people to queue (which would need to monitored) simply use one security staff member to manage the screen.
  • Requires no physical contact to test for a high fever.
    Reduce the risk of your students contracting coronavirus by not exposing them closely to long lines of crowded people as the thermal imaging system manages this for you. No physical contact tests.
  • Audible alarm notifies security operators or sends message.
    Quick and effective notifications that will alert security or management staff and authorities of a high temperature on an individual so they can be dealt with appropriately.
  • Smart technology ignores other heat sources to reduce false alarms.
    This new artificial intelligence software is clever enough to ignore other heat sources that wouldn’t constitute a high temperature within a person. This has been acknowledged by medical boards globally.

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Here is a real-time demonstration of the thermal imaging camera in action within the entrance / exit of your school or university campus. Notice how quick and effective the temperature detection is focusing on the person’s forehead as they walk into work.

PDF download of our Temperature Screening System solutions

Read or download the solutions material from our trusted long-term supplier of security systems, Hikvision Temperature Screening Solutions, we use this as a basis to produce the most effective system that fits the needs of your education facility.

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