Temperature Screening (Thermal) SolutionsEnabling you to safely manage the risk of COVID-19 and open to the public in Dorset

New Thermal cameras from Hikvision installed in Dorset

Thermal Cameras + People ManagementThe solution to reassure customers or workforce that your premises are safe

As pressure mounts to open educational, retail and business premises across Dorset & Hampshire, we want to make sure that the risk is mitigated for the short term and that you benefit in the long term too. Our temperature screening solutions comprise of thermal imaging cameras that can detect the body temperature of individuals and crowds in split seconds up to accuracy of 0.3 degrees. But that’s not all, they are accompanied by metal detectors or turnstiles that can be linked to manage access control too.

This may feel like a ‘reactive’ security investment. But this solution has longer term benefits for managing people on your premises too. Depending on the type, this solution not only has advances in thermal camera technology that can detect and alert for fires, but the integrated software for people management can automatically control numbers for licensing and control access to make your job easier. Install this temperature screening solution with metal detectors and you’ve levelled up your investment in security.

“Working with our trusted suppliers, we’re pleased to support the grave need for premises and facilities to safely mitigate the risk of coronavirus and safely return back to normal.”  Bradley Williams – Managing Director

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