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The highest quality business CCTV camera systems

IP CCTV Systems

And we install them as standard. For business CCTV camera systems, the benefits of using our wired IP systems are pretty clear (no pun intended!) See how sharp the picture quality is from an CCTV camera installation in Dorset that was recently in a Bournemouth Echo news report. As you can see, there’s far superior quality than from dated analogue CCTV systems.

  • Unrivalled Quality Recording: Images are saved digitally on a secure network. The advance in technology now means that manufacturers produce cameras capable of recording high-resolution recordings at a high frame rate – compatible with HDTV.

  • Simplified User Interfaces: Remote playback, recording, and search functionalities come as standard, with multiple sites linked to one network for ease of use. This saves time and means you can find recorded events at the touch of a button if action is needed to be taken for evidence.

  • Remote Surveillance: With greater access to the internet nowadays, you’re able to view the live video feed as it’s happening, and also view previous recordings online via a PC, tablet, or smartphone. This technology gives peace of mind for the user and better surveillance long term.

  • Cost Effectiveness: IP CCTV systems can co-exist on the same cabling as previous CCTV, and also with other IP based systems such as Access Control or an IP phone system, for example. Straightforward installations mean set up is timely, with little impact on business.

Remote Surveillance

As with all our business CCTV camera systems installed in Dorset, you’ll have remote access to the live video feed of your cameras so you can view them from anywhere in the world. Just make sure you have a internet connection.

We understand that you or your team can’t always keep an eye on the live feed, day and night, so we’ve partnered with a Remote Video Response Centre to ensure that any detection is acted upon quickly and the relevant authorities are contacted.

With the RVRC monitoring the cameras, you can rest assured that any attempted break ins are dealt with efficiently with links to the local authorities (the RVRC must respond to any detections in 90 seconds or less, at least 80% of the time).

CCTV Servicing

Catering for business CCTV camera systems from 2 cameras up to 200 cameras, we can write an agreement that works for you and your business. It’s vital that maintenance servicing is regularly adhered to, even with low-impact wireless systems, they still need to be thoroughly tested. It’s worth the small outlay for peace of mind that when your system needs to be called upon, it’ll deliver as expected.

CCTV Camera Repair & Maintenance for more info on servicing and repairs.

Hikvision CCTV Weymouth

Our Unique maintenance contracts include:

  • A fully comprehensive list of spot checks for every camera and each piece of equipment, all recorded, all signed off. Not just a quick clean.
  • Telephone support as standard and remote access capabilities from our engineers across Dorset, so you have instant support minimising downtime of your system.
  • A 24 hour a day emergency response service available 7 days a week, 365 days year. It’s guaranteed one of our engineers will be on site within 4 hours (it’s usually much less).
  • Fully equipped engineers who keep all relevant spares and tools to ensure no return visits are required – further minimising downtime of your system.

We repair and service old CCTV camera systems too

Our maintenance servicing contracts aren’t just for customers we’ve installed systems for. The knowledge and experience our engineers have using a full range of systems mean that we’re capable of servicing and repairing any damage, regardless of age, condition, or technology.

A full business CCTV camera systems report indicating all the checks and repairs to be carried out on any systems will be drawn up, with any chargeable items agreed before any work’s carried out. Transparency.