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Store & Secure Self Storage

In 2022, Unique Fire & Security undertook a security system installation project for Store and Secure Self Storage, which started with the Poole location as the initial site.

Scope of Work

The primary objective of the project was to enhance security measures and provide an effective communication system for Store and Secure Self Storage’s Poole location. The project saw the installation of an intruder alarm system (Texecom), CCTV surveillance (Hikvision), access control (Paxton 10), and a Public Address (PA) system using Bosch technology.

Project Timeline

The project was carried out over several months, involving planning, design, equipment procurement, installation, and testing. Due to the complexity of integrating multiple security systems and the PA system, the job required careful coordination, ensuring the highest level of functionality and security.

Intruder Alarm (Texecom)

For the intruder alarm system, we selected and installed Texecom, a leading brand known for its advanced security features. Texecom’s technology provides robust protection against unauthorised access and break-ins, offering peace of mind to the client.

CCTV Surveillance (Hikvision)

We installed Hikvision’s cutting-edge CCTV technology to ensure comprehensive video surveillance throughout the facility. Hikvision’s solutions allowed efficient monitoring and recording of activities within the storage premises, contributing to enhanced security.

Access Control (Paxton 10)

Paxton 10 access control was seamlessly integrated to manage and restrict entry to specific areas within the facility. This system enhances overall security and provides a detailed audit trail of access events, allowing for precise control and monitoring.

Enhancing Communication with Bosch

To facilitate clear communication within the storage facility, we installed a Bosch Public Address (PA) system. This system allows for announcements, notifications, and emergency alerts, improving both safety and the overall customer experience.

Building Trust and Expanding

Our successful completion of the project set the foundation for a long-term relationship with Store and Secure Self Storage. The exceptional quality of our work and our commitment to meeting their unique requirements prompted further installations at their Basingstoke and Bournemouth locations.

Basingstoke and Bournemouth Installations

Following the Poole project’s success, we extended our services to Store and Secure Self Storage’s Basingstoke and Bournemouth sites. The expansion of our partnership demonstrates the trust and confidence they have in our ability to deliver tailored security and communication solutions.

Continuing Collaboration

With the success of these projects, we look forward to further collaboration with Store and Secure Self Storage and the opportunity to apply our expertise in enhancing security and communication systems at additional locations.