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In this case study, we delve into the successful collaboration between Unique Fire & Security and Enterprise Rent-a-Car, focusing on the project titled. As a trusted name in the fire and security industry, we undertook the task of replacing outdated and non-compliant CCTV equipment across 80 Enterprise branches nationwide. The objective was to establish consistent coverage and monitoring standards for Enterprise’s security infrastructure.

Evolving Partnership and Client's Needs

With a history of managing multiple services for Enterprise branches, we had built a strong foundation of collaboration. The project at hand required the replacement of obsolete CCTV equipment to ensure compliance with the National Defense Authorisation Act (NDAA) regulations. The key goal was to enhance security measures across all branches and standardize the security estate on a national level.

Initial Request and Engagement Process

Unique Fire & Security participated in a competitive tendering process and worked closely with Enterprise’s procurement team to refine the project’s specifications. The company’s expertise and commitment led to its selection as one of the three appointed installers nationally.

Services Provided by Unique Fire & Security

Partnering with AXIS, a renowned manufacturer of security cameras and surveillance solutions, Unique Fire & Security took on the role of overseeing the design, installation, and commissioning of the new CCTV systems. The project also used the integration of Texecom Intruder alarms to ensure a connected security solution. Additionally, CSL’s cutting-edge 4G secure router was used to establish a reliable and secure connection for seamless data transmission to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), guaranteeing maximum uptime.

Products Utilised in the Project

  • AXIS Cameras: Renowned for their quality and reliability, AXIS cameras formed the backbone of the CCTV systems, providing high-resolution video feeds.
  • Texecom Intruder Products: Texecom’s intruder alarms were integrated to enhance the security infrastructure, safeguarding the premises from unauthorized access.
  • CSL 4G Router: CSL’s advanced 4G router ensured a robust and secure connection, offering failover capabilities to maintain continuous communication.
  • CCTV Monitoring: The integrated CCTV monitoring system enabled real-time surveillance and response, contributing to overall security enhancement.

Project Timeline and Ongoing Engagement

The Enterprise CCTV Roll Out project spanned a period of seven months, during which around 150 branches were equipped with the new security infrastructure. Our engagement with Enterprise is not limited to this project alone. We will continue to monitor and maintain the systems, as well as provide security solutions for new branch openings and relocations, aligning with Enterprise’s aggressive expansion plans.

Challenges and Solutions

The project encountered several challenges, including managing a large-scale multi-site rollout within tight timeframes. The project involved diverse building types and layouts, requiring customised solutions for each branch. Technical coordination with stakeholders and the client’s property development team proved critical in overcoming bespoke site requirements. Our extensive prebuild and soak testing process mitigated downtime during the transition from the current systems.

Client Satisfaction and Testimonial

Our longstanding relationship with Enterprise speaks to its dedication and reliability. The collaborative efforts across various scopes of work, including emergency lighting, fire alarms, intruder systems, extinguishers, and CCTV, have positioned Unique as a key partner for Enterprise.

Why Unique Fire & Security?

The client’s choice of Unique Fire & Security can be attributed to our established rapport with Enterprise and our successful completion of an extensive tendering process. Unique’s commitment to understanding and meeting client needs played a pivotal role in securing the partnership.

Project Conclusion

The Enterprise CCTV Roll Out project exemplifies our capability to manage complex multi-site projects, ensuring compliance with fire and security standards across diverse locations. The collaboration with Enterprise highlights the effectiveness of Unique’s approach and the significance of tailored solutions for fire and security installations.

In summary, the project showed the successful alignment of expertise, technology, and commitment in addressing the Enterprise’s security requirements, serving as an exemplary case of a partnership that contributes to enhancing safety and compliance standards across an expansive enterprise network.