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Courthill School

Courthill First School faced a critical situation during the half-term break in May 2023 when their existing fire alarm system experienced a failure. With a commitment to student safety and the school’s staff and faculty, an immediate replacement was required. The project involved a swift and efficient upgrade of the fire alarm system in just four days, during the half-term break.

To ensure the timely completion of the upgrade, a team of over 12 highly skilled engineers were on-site. The urgency stemmed from the age and deterioration of the cabling in the existing system, necessitating the use of new and advanced equipment to meet modern safety standards.

Hochiki Detection

The upgraded fire alarm system incorporated Hochiki detection technology, renowned for its reliability and accuracy in detecting fire and smoke. This choice aimed to maximise the safety of Courthill First School’s students, staff, and facilities.

Advanced Electronics Fire Panel

The core of the new fire alarm system was the Advanced Electronics Fire Panel. This panel served as the central hub for monitoring and controlling the fire detection devices and was chosen for its state-of-the-art features, providing real-time information and rapid response capabilities.

Installation of Lockdown System

In addition to the critical upgrade of the fire alarm system at Courthill First School, Unique also played a pivotal role in enhancing the safety and security of the school’s students and staff by installing an advanced lockdown system. The implementation of this system aimed to provide an additional layer of protection and preparedness in the event of security threats, aligning with the school’s commitment to the well-being of its occupants.

Project Execution

The critical nature of this project required exceptional precision and efficiency. With a strict four-day timeframe during the half-term break, over 12 engineers were deployed on-site to ensure the replacement of the fire alarm system. This job involved the removal of the old, deteriorated cabling and the installation of the new Hochiki detection devices. The integration with the Advanced Electronics Fire Panel was meticulously executed, ensuring optimal functionality and reliability. Despite the tight schedule and complexity of the project, the upgraded fire alarm system was successfully commissioned and tested, meeting all modern safety standards and regulations.

Challenges Overcome

The project at Courthill First School was not without its challenges. The urgency and limited time frame of four days required precise planning and execution. The existing cabling, deteriorated due to age, had to be removed and replaced swiftly to avoid disruptions to the school’s regular activities. Additionally, coordinating the work of over 12 engineers on-site demanded strong back-end communication. Despite these challenges, the project was completed successfully, and the upgraded fire alarm system now provides the school with enhanced safety and peace of mind.

Project Results

Courthill First School’s emergency fire alarm upgrade project showcased Unique’s ability to deliver timely and effective solutions. The incorporation of Hochiki detection technology and the Advanced Electronics Fire Panel ensured the new system met the highest safety standards. The work of our 12 engineers during the half-term break resulted in a successful upgrade within the strict four-day timeframe. Courthill First School can now enjoy the benefits of a modern, reliable fire alarm system, enhancing the safety of its students and providing assurance to the entire school community.