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Christchurch Infant School

In August 2022, Unique was trusted with a crucial project at Christchurch Infant School, where the replacement of an outdated and non-compliant fire alarm system was needed. The urgency of the situation was further increased by the breakdown of the existing equipment, requiring a rapid response to ensure the safety and well-being of the school’s students and staff. The project’s primary objectives were to install a new, compliant fire alarm system in a compressed time frame, taking advantage of the summer holidays for an efficient and timely delivery.

The Initial Challenge

The initial challenge was evident from the outset: the existing fire alarm system was non-compliant, posing a significant safety risk to the school. Furthermore, the system had broken down, leaving the school without a functional fire alarm. Given the critical importance of fire safety in an educational environment, it was vital to promptly replace the non-compliant and malfunctioning system with a modern and reliable alternative.

Services Provided by Unique

Unique’s role in this project oversaw the complete installation of a new fire alarm system. This included removing obsolete equipment and installing advanced Hochiki fire detection technology, renowned for its reliability and effectiveness. The heart of the new system was the Advanced MX5 control panel, providing real-time monitoring and control capabilities, ensuring that the school’s fire alarm system operated at the highest standards of safety.

Swift Delivery During Summer Holidays

To meet the project’s tight schedule and minimise disruption to the school’s activities, the installation took place during the summer holidays. This decision allowed for the efficient replacement of the non-compliant and non-functional fire alarm system within a brief time frame, ensuring the safety and compliance of the school’s premises when students and staff returned.

Challenges Overcome

The primary challenge in this project was the urgency due to the non-compliance and breakdown of the existing fire alarm system. The installation had to be completed efficiently and within a limited time frame to ensure the safety and compliance of the school. Our teams rose to the challenge, successfully replacing the old system with a new, reliable, and compliant one.

Project Overview

The project at Christchurch Infant School exemplified Unique’s ability to respond swiftly and effectively to critical situations. The replacement of the non-compliant and malfunctioning fire alarm system with modern Hochiki detection technology and the Advanced MX5 control panel ensured the highest standards of safety and compliance. By completing the installation during the summer holidays, we minimised disruption to the school’s operations and met the project’s objectives within the set time frame.