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Bobby's Bournemouth

Unique Fire and Security was proud to work on an ongoing project with Bobby’s Department Store, an iconic retail store located in the heart of Bournemouth Town Centre. Our collaboration began in 2021 with the primary goal of enhancing the security infrastructure, focusing on the installation of a state-of-the-art CCTV system and Paxton10 Access Control solution. This project serves as the initial phase of a broader, long-term partnership with the client, which includes the phased replacement of the existing fire alarm system and the refurbishment of the entire building.

Client Background

Bobby’s Department Store has been serving the community for decades. Over the years, the store has faced increasing security concerns and recognised the need for a modern, integrated security solution to protect its premises, staff, and customers. Additionally, the client was committed to renovating its facilities, ensuring a safe and attractive environment for shoppers.

CCTV System (Hikvision)

  • Installation of a cutting-edge Hikvision CCTV system to provide comprehensive surveillance coverage of the entire premises.
  • Deployment of high-resolution cameras strategically positioned to monitor entry and exit points, sales floors, storage areas, and parking lots.
  • Integration of the CCTV system with Bobby’s Department Store’s central monitoring station for real-time monitoring and remote access.

Paxton10 Access Control

  • Implementation of the Paxton10 Access Control system to manage access to restricted areas within the store.
  • Installation of card readers, key fobs, and biometric access points at various locations to enhance security and restrict unauthorized access.
  • Integration with the CCTV system for a seamless security management experience.

Future Phases

  • Over the next few years, Unique Fire and Security will collaborate with the client on the phased replacement of the existing fire alarm system.
  • The refurbishment project will include upgrading the store’s facilities, ensuring they meet the latest safety and security standards.

Challenges Faced

Throughout the project, Unique Fire and Security faced several significant challenges. Firstly, Bobby’s Department Store is a multi-story retail complex with diverse departments, each necessitating unique security considerations. Planning the installation and seamless integration of security systems across these varied areas demanded in-depth planning and coordination.

Secondly, since the store remained fully operational throughout the project, the top priorities were minimising any disruption to daily activities and ensuring the safety of both the store’s staff and its valued customers.

Lastly, custom integration was paramount, especially regarding the CCTV system and Paxton10 Access Control, as adapting these technologies to harmonize with the store’s existing infrastructure necessitated tailored configurations to meet the client’s precise requirements.

Project Results

To date, Unique Fire and Security has made significant strides in the project, delivering impressive outcomes. The installation of the CCTV system and Paxton10 Access Control has had a substantial impact on increasing the store’s security measures, serving as a potent deterrent to potential threats. The client has notably expressed an increased sense of security, appreciating the advanced security systems in place, which have contributed to their peace of mind. Our ongoing partnership with Bobby’s Department Store paves the way for future ventures, including the comprehensive renovation of the building and the phased replacement of the fire alarm system.

Continuing Collaboration

Unique Fire and Security is honoured to serve as a trusted partner for Bobby’s Department Store, strengthening its security infrastructure. This ongoing project shows our commitment to delivering tailored security solutions that meet the unique requirements of our clients. As we continue to collaborate, our focus remains on assisting Bobby’s Department Store in creating a secure and inviting retail environment for its customers in Bournemouth Town Centre.